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If your tree looks like it has become ‘top heavy and is potentially carrying too much weight, tree crowning is a perfect solution. Before commencing any work, we will look at the tree’s overall structure, and how it is growing, then we’ll come up with the best method to thin and shape your tree as necessary. Doing this can prevent any issues from occurring in the future, such as the tree becoming damaged by adverse weather conditions, or branches snapping due to excess weight, etc. Tree crown reduction is a fantastic way to prevent future problems with your trees.

When deciding on the best way to crown a tree we will take into consideration the trees overall size, location, age, and purpose. As an example, a tree which is close to an over head power line will be crowned in a different manner from one with nothing surrounding it. Once we have work out what is the best method to ensure that the crowning work is completed most effectively, we will then commence work with a clear plan of action.

Crown reduction can be complex, but the team at The Tree Surgeon Harrogate has decades of experience ensuring that your tree is always taken care of most efficiently.

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What is Tree Crown Reduction?

Tree Crown Reduction is the selective pruning of tree branches to reduce the overall size of the tree canopy. This technique is often used when a tree has grown too large for its location or when its branches are causing hazards or interfering with utilities.


Why Would I Need Tree Crown Reduction?

There are several reasons you might need to reduce the size of your tree’s canopy. Maybe the tree is growing too close to a power line, or it’s blocking your view of the street. Tree crown reduction can also help reduce the wind resistance of a tree, making it less likely to be uprooted in strong winds.


How is Tree Crown Reduction Done?

Tree crown reduction is typically done by pruning back the branches of a tree. This can be done by hand or with the help of a machine such as a chainsaw. The amount of pruning required will depend on how large the tree is and how much its growth needs to be stunted. We can advise you of the works that are required when we carry out our initial survey.


Are There Any Risks Associated With Tree Crown Reduction?

Some risks are associated with tree crown reduction, but these are typically minor. The most common risk is damage to the tree itself, which can occur if the branches are pruned back too far. Tree crown reduction can also cause a temporary increase in sap flow, attracting pests such as bees and wasps.


How Much Does Tree Crown Reduction Cost?

The cost of tree crown reduction will vary depending on the size of the tree and the amount of work required. We will be able to provide you with a quotation after we have assessed the extent of the works required. Call us anytime to arrange a survey. 


When Should Tree Crown Reduction Be Done?

Tree crown reduction should be done when the tree is dormant, typically during the winter months. This is because the tree will be less likely to suffer from stress when it is not actively growing.


Where Can I Find Tree Crown Reduction Services?

At The Tree Surgeon Harrogate we can take care of all your crown reduction needs in Harrogate and the surrounding areas of North Yorkshire. We have all the necessary skills that will be required to ensure your tree crown reduction works are completed swiftly and to a very high standard. 

Do I Need a Tree Crown Reduction Permit?

You may need a tree crown reduction permit if the tree is located in a conservation area or if a Tree Preservation Order protects it. You should check with your local authority to see if you need a permit before doing any work on your tree.


What Are Tree Crown Reduction Best Practices?

There are a few best practices to keep in mind when reducing the size of your tree’s canopy:

  1. Always prune back branches gradually over time rather than taking them off all at once. This will help the tree to better recover from the pruning.
  2. Ensure that the cuts you make are clean and even, as this will help the tree heal more quickly.
  3. Avoid removing too much of the tree’s leaves, putting unnecessary stress on the tree.


Are There Any Tree Crown Reduction Alternatives?

If you’re looking for alternatives to tree crown reduction, you might consider tree topping or pollarding. Tree topping involves completely cutting the tops of trees, while pollarding involves cutting trees back to their stumps. These alternatives can be more extreme than tree crown reduction and should only be done if necessary. We are happy to discuss all these options upon carrying out a free initial survey.

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It was an absolute please to meet Tom, from The The Tree Surgeon Harrogate, and I knew as soon as he started work that he was the man for the job. He took care of a massive oak tree that I had been meaning to have removed for years, and the service I offered was second to none. Thanks so much for the professional service. A+++ from me!

Darren Sambers


I am a property developer, and finding reliable tradesmen is a big struggle at times. A recent house which I purchased had a garden that had not been attended to for years, and Tom took on the task of clearing all necessary trees and shrubs leaving it looking amazing. Big thanks to you Tom, and I’ll be in touch soon with the next project!!

A. Walters



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